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csimiami's Journal

C.S.I. Miami
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A team of forensic investigators works together to solve crimes amidst the heat and gators of Miami
Horatio Caine ... David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne ... Emily Procter
Eric Delko ... Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe ... Jonathan Togo
Alexx Woods, MD ... Khandi Alexander
Yelina Salas ... Sofia Milos
Frank Tripp ... Rex Linn
01: Be courteous to others. Everyone has their own opinion, and they are allowed to express theirs as much as you.
02: Icons, graphics, wallpaper, and other miscellaneous artwork are permitted. If you have a large quanitity or a large sized graphic, please place it behind a cut with a few icons as a teaser, if you wish.
03: Posts advertising communities relating to characters, actors, or CSI: Miami are permitted.
04: Fanfiction is accepted. All fic must contain at least one character from Miami, but not necessarily all. When posting, please include this as a header:
Warnings: (Slash, Violence, Character Death, etc)

The body of your story must be behind a cut.
05: Be aware that any posts not adhering to these rules will be deleted without notice.
06: After every episode (including those syndicated on A&E and repeats), I will open a post to discuss the episode. Post your opinions in the comments. This will prevent spoilers from being on the main page for those who have yet to see the episode.
07: Post any spoilers behind a lj-cut. Anything you even have the slightest question on whether it is a spoiler, put it behind a cut. There are some people who haven't seen even the first season, so please be courteous to them.
To get your link here, please email me with your link.

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